What will you teach your son?

If my son is 14 years old, then I will teach (facilitate him to learn) following skills/attitudes:

1.How to curiously observe anything: By having deep engagement with the world in front of you by employing all your five senses, you will start asking questions and start thinking.

2. How to visualize: When you have mastered the deep observation, you can envision different alternatives. You use your imagination to create something unique.

3. How to motivate oneself: People with self-motivation live happily, accomplish a lot with ease and help others.

4. How to do trials and experiments continuously: Life is traveling a path and improving it every day. Whether it is a project, a relationship, a career you should have a mindset to do experiments and improve it every day.

5. How to develop a purpose: People who found a purpose move with a focus and have clarity in whatever they do. So I will provide an opportunity to discover his purpose here.

6. How to question the status quo: Every successful person innovates by reframing the problem in hand. They ask fundamental questions we normally assume as a norm. This is one of the essential skills for an innovative person in any field.

7. How to have perseverance/grit: There is a thin line that separates failure and success. The person who has persistence archives success than the person who gave up midway. This is the attitude I will never forget to teach my son.

8. How to inspire others: Human life is a social life with collaboration from numerous people. If you can inspire others around you for a task, cause, principle, people align with you to achieve the goals. To develop a personality that inspires others.



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