Change the way you play with your child

Curious Activities for Kids

30 Minutes per day for 14 days

If you spend 30 minutes per day moment by moment, your child gets tremendous energy and creativity.


Here is a set of activities with step by step instructions so simple that you can even help your child after coming from the office

Just spend 30 minutes per day for 14 days and experience the positive changes in your child

Have you ever wondered how to spend time creatively without reading tons of guides?

Here is a simple picture book for adults to follow.

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This book stimulates the curiosity of learners by connecting science with real life

Each activity is developed based on particular life skill


This book designed for fostering creativity, critical thinking, problem-solving skills.

Systematically assesses thinking skills


20 exercises are provided for developing thinking skills.

30 minutes per day. Three weeks of creative time for your kids.

This Book changes the  Thinking Pattern of Kids
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