How To Redesign Your Home For Raising Curious Children?


How To Train Children For Creative-Potential?


Grit & Will-Power

How To Improve The Will-Power Of The Child?


Mobile Addicted Kids

Does Your Child Addict To Mobile? Learn 'Coconut Parenting' and Convert Your Home Into A World-Class Learning Centre.

Hyperactive Kids

Does Your Child Hyperactive? Gets Bored Of Textbooks? Make Him Focused And Calm.

Bored and Dull Kids

Does Your Child Looks Dull and Socially Not Active? Make Him Energetic and Enthusiastic.


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Coconut Parenting – Focus On Big Picture

Focus On The Skills Your Child Will Ever Need To Succeed
  • How To Raise Curious Children?

  • 99/-
  • Why Should curiosity be the #1 skill for your child?

    6 important “curious zones” in your living room.

    What to buy and what not to buy to bring out curiosity?

  • How To Train Children For Creative-Potential?

  • 450/-
  • Observing The Child Deeply

    Providing “Thinking Tools”

    Teaching Problem-Solving Skills

    Teaching Habits of Mind

    “Creative” Parents Vs “Consuming” Parents

  • How To Improve The Will-Power Of The Child?

  • 99/-
  • Does your weekend plan develop will power of the child?

    How to inspire your child?

    Are you giving responsibility?

    Developing the not to give up the mindset in your child

Convert Your Home as World Class Learning Centre