Extensive Training

Training on International learning methodologies through interesting way

Books for Students

Well-designed textbooks for kids from age 3 to 8 to develop an innovator’s mindset

Curriculum Guides

Curriculum guides to plan for year-long activities for the teachers


Mobile addicted kids

Does your child mobile addict? Learn international teaching methodologies and convert your home into a world-class learning center

Hyperactive kids

Does your child hyper active? Gets bored of textbooks? Make him focused and calm with our international teaching methodology.

Bored and Energy less kids

Does your child looks dull and socially not active? Make him energetic with our international teaching methodology.




Creative Challenges


Curious Activities


Genius Books per Year

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10 Qualities you should practice for becoming a world-class facilitator
  • How to set up a learning environment to make the child curious?

  • Free/mo
    • The beauty about the human mind
    • Freedom, choice and curiosity

    • Role of teacher – information passer to inspirer

    • Experiential learning vs Bookish learning

  • How to exhibit a growth mindset to increase the will power of the child?

  • Free/mo
    • How to be creative and problem solver

    • Trusting and giving responsibility

    • Learning together

    • Learning from mistakes and believing in self-improvement

  • How to understand the children to bring innovator’s mindset?

  • Free/mo
    • Observing the child deeply

    • Being flexible

    • Accepting the constraints

    • Teaching them problem-solving skills

    • Egocentric to child-centric

Convert Your Home as World Class Learning Centre