How To Redesign Your Home For Raising Curious Children?


How To Train Children For Creative-Potential?


Grit & Will-Power

How To Improve The Will-Power Of The Child?


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Edison's mother is not an expert teacher

But she made him successful because she created a curious home, inspired Edison to be persistent and focus. We train to raise curios and focused kids.


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Skills for children




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Micro School – Focus On Big Picture

Focus On The 3 Skills Your Child Will Ever Need To Succeed
  • Age 3 to 10 years

  • #Stage 1/
  • 6 months to 36 months training

    How to Think?

    How to be Curious?

    How to develop Will Power?

  • Age 9 to 12

  • #Stage 2/
  • 12 months to 36 months training

    60 real-world projects

    Interaction with experts

    Problem Solving skills

  • Age 12 years & above

  • #Stage 3/
  • 24 months to 36 months

    Solving 12 real-world projects

    Mastering Innovations

    Leadership mindset

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