What is MiyavKids?

MiyavKids is a training platform for parents. It offers online courses, books, tools and other recommendations with a focus on raising curious and high will powered children.

What is Coconut Parenting?

Coconut Parenting is a well designed online course for parents. It answers five questions every parent should aware and discover the answer for it. It has both a free version and a paid version.

How is the paid version differs from the free version of coconut parenting course?

While both the version gives the same knowledge, in the paid version, we individually track each participant and ensure that the activities and recommendation are implemented before we move to the next step. There is a saying that genius lies in execution. We will assign a personal assistant to convert the course know-how into 48 easily implementable steps for you.

What is “Thinking Tools” book?

Thinking Tools is a set of activity books designed to train children on Creative Thinking. It has five levels suitable for children of age 4 to 11. To know more about the activity and download the sample kindly go to free activities for kids post.

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