1.What is Miyav Kids?

Miyav Kids is an organization to provide training, curriculum, and books to individual teachers. The curriculum is designed for next-generation schooling for kindergarten and primary children aged between 3 and 8.

2. Who can get training from MiyavKids?

Whoever passionate to work with young children can get training. If you are a graduate and looking for a career in teaching, it is a great platform for you.  After successful completion of training, they can setup MiyavKids learning centre in their home to teach children aged between kids 3 to 8.

3. How can one setup MiyavKids learning centre?

a.       Get a life membership from MiyavKids by paying Rs.10,000.

b.      Start with a minimum of five kids. With the membership fee, you will get all the necessary books and supporting guides for five students.

c.       Follow the curriculum process and methodology given by the MiyavKids team.

d.      Make them world-class learners by creating an effective learning environment by setting up various learning spaces.

e.      When you get more than five students, get necessary books for each student by paying Rs.2000 per year from us.

4. Can I teach for my own kid with MiyavKids life membership?

Yes.  It will be more effective if you can bring a few more kids from neighbourhood.

5. Do I need to spend additional materials for setting up learning spaces?

Yes. You can start with a smaller amount of Rs.5000 and when more kids are joining, you can increase more learning spaces. For more details click here…

6. What should I teach to students in MiyavKids Learning centre?

Every successful person has three important skills/attitudes. They are a. Curiosity b. Thinking and c. Grit/Will power.  You will teach the students to get all three skills/attitudes.  These three skills/attitudes will be imparted through activities in Mathematics, Science and English language.

7. How a day spent in MiyavKids learning centre?

Children spend three hours in evening time at MiyavKids Learning centres. Their time here is divided into three parts

a. Me Time,

b. Curious Hour and

c. Genius Hour.

The following picture explains the skills imparted during this time.

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