Free Kids Activities for Creative Thinking – Part 2

“Creative Thinking” or creatively solving a problem is the most sought skill. It is going to be the top skill to look for a world moving towards automation of standardized jobs. How to develop a mindset that the habit of solving a problem comes to children with ease and swift? We research on this problem and have developed methods to impart creative thinking. In 2012, we published a well-designed activity book “Thinking Tools for Creative Kids“. Thinking Tools inspired thousands of students in well-known schools in India. It aids in developing a problem-solving mindset. In this blog series, we’ll share some of the exercises from the book.

Thinking Tools #2:Create an object using three basic shapes, imagining different possibilities.

Why this technique?

Creativity is nothing but applying known ideas to a new situation. In this technique, children create complex things by using simple concepts. “Create” is a valuable tool for training the mind to come with a new idea and develop imagination skills. We found that kids having good imagination look at problems in different perspectives. “Create” tool systematically expand the habit of imagination in children.

How to do?

In the exercise below, the child has to create an object using square, rectangle and circle pieces. They are available on the last page. They can cut the shapes and paste in the blank space provided. For example, an excavator is created using four rectangles and two circles. Children can create many objects using the three shapes.

Get the activities for the above tools by downloading free-thinking tools exercises here

Tips for parents

1. Please help your child by being with them and explaining this concept with calm.

2. Do not force your ideas on them; let children come with a plan. 

3. Remember that the aim is creative thinking, so it takes time. Do not worry about finishing at a shorter duration.

4. Best way to inspire children is, create your object. 

5. In creative thinking, the object need not be a familiar one. As long as children explain the concept, it is okay. 

Stories from field

Once, we met a child who created unique images using the three shapes. But we were surprised by her methods also. Instead of merely using circle pieces, she cut the circle into a semicircle, crescent-shaped, and curves and made a stunning image. While others are using just regular parts, she cut the pieces to her requirement. The facilitators initially apprehensive about her methods, but then we encouraged her creativity. She made a very detailed image and vivid imagination. In the end, we got the following image.

This post is the second in a series of exercises taken from the “Thinking Tools” level 3 book. Purchase the book for more activities on developing a problem-solving mindset for children. Read part three here.


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