Persistence? Patience? Focus? optimism?

What is missing in your child’s  school? 

No Syllabus For Life skills in Schools. Take Coconut Boxs For That

Coconut Boxs – Designed for

 For Developing Will Power

Ms. Sharmila

Mother of two children


I used to spend hours on my mobile seeing social media. I keep shouting at my child to study. I used to feel bad for myself.


Now I inspire my child with my creative models. I make a lot of creative stuff with coconut boxs. I feel I spend my time creatively, giving me enthusiasm. More importantly, my children see me as a sincere and creative person. They listen to me with wonderment. They changed a lot after playing with coconut boxs.

Coconut Boxs Develops 12 Brain Pathways (for willpower )

Ms. Jenifer

Mother of 5 year old girl

BeforeCoconutBoxs-Story02 (2)

Everybody used to advise to spend quality time with your child,  “play with your child”. But what to play, how to play? I buy a lot of toys, fun toys, STEM toys, etc. But my child never bothers it after a week.  I was looking for something, where I and my child can play.


To be frank, coconut Boxs brought a lot of imagination in me. It removes my office tension. I spend a lot of time creatively with my daughter.  She looks at me as a mother who will take up a higher challenge. I never thought such a simple idea can transform my child.

Coconut Boxs Develops 12 Brain Pathways (for willpower )

Mr. Vijay Kumar

Father of 7 year old boy

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I used to spend Rs1000 to 2000 per month for a variety of toys. He throws away after a week. Then he will get back to his mobile games. I am clueless about his skills and talents. I feel helpless that in-home he is not getting the right atmosphere to learn something


Coconut Boxs Trainers told me to play myself and made sure that I solved challenging activities in the Coconut Boxs. The first time, my son is looking at me as a person to learn. I taught him how to be persistent, how to be patient and how to focus.

Coconut Boxs Develops 12 Brain Pathways (for willpower )