What Story Your Gift Tells to the Kids?

Never let kids lose interest in your gift. Every unique gift conveys a great story. What story do your gifts tell to the kids? Every Coconut Boxs Gifts come with great stories you can tell before giving a gift.

Coconut Boxs are designed for deep engagement

stories for your gifts

Choose a Memorable Gift for Kids

Gifts are memorable because of design and usefulness. Coconut Boxs makes it a habit for kids to create beautiful design every day. Little elements make a big difference in Gifs.

on How To Give a Memorable  Experience Through Gifts.

  • Age

    The toy suitable for the child aged from 3 to 6 years

  • Categories

    You can Imagine and Build anything with this toy. For example, Tower, Dominoes, 3D Structure.,

  • Supporting Aids

    Practice guide and diaries will be provided

Choose a Gift That Brings Proudest Moments For You

Just imagine, because of your wonderful gift, your niece or friend’s son achieved an extraordinary milestone i.e creating 1000 designs using his imagination. That is going to bring proudest moments for you in life. You had given an amazing opportunity to make the kid the creator.

 on How a Gift Can Do Wonders For Kids?

Comparison of  Coconut Boxs and

Other Building Blocks

You can Imagine and Build anything with

Coconut Boxs

  • Tower

  • Dominos

  • Vertical Pattern

  • Horizontal Pattern

  • 3D Plan

  • 3D Object

  • 3D structure

  • Road and Tracks

  • Animals

  • Vehicles

Every Student of 

uses Coconut Boxs

  • Sheeta, Trivandrum

    We never thought my child would create this many designs. Within three months, he finished 400 designs. His imagination increases everyday

  • Shiva, Madurai

    Coconut Boxs changed my child's daily routine. Now everyday she makes at least 4 ideas. She takes responsibility for her plan that makes me happy

  • Kaviya, Chennai

    I used to buy other building blocks, but Coconut Boxs made my child play with it regularly. He made it a habit to plan and make different models and he is confident he will reach 1000 in three to four months

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