Why are we crazy about 1000 designs using Building Blocks?

Practice makes it perfect. When children keep creating new designs every day, they develop the mindset of creators. Great innovators like Edison, Honda had a unique habit of generating many ideas every day.


Let other kids buy new toys every week, but your kid should create new designs every week. Creating every day is the habit of the world’s greatest innovators and creators.

Do You Know How Building Blocks Changed Edison’s Life?

The great inventor Thomas Alwa Edison had a unique imaginative mindset. During the age of 5 to 7 years, he developed a daily habit of creating at least 10 new designs using wooden sticks. That made him a remarkable innovator in the world later.



Using Building Blocks, let your child develop the daily habit of creating new designs.

How To Achieve 1000 Designs?

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  • Replace computer games, mobile addiction and Screen Time

  • Develops creating habits, Imagineering abilities

  • Age 3 to 6 is the best time to develop imagination. If you miss now, it will never be developed.

Rs.6 per day. Rs.2000 for a year. 1000 designs

You pay for your child to create 1000 designs using Coconut Boxs Building blocks in a year. Buy an educational toy that your child uses for a year and make your child 10 times smarter than other kids.

How To Achieve 1000 Designs?

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Comparison of  Coconut Boxs and

Other Building Blocks


*Greenvalley International School, Trivandrum

Your Child Can Imagine and Build 1000 designs with Coconut Boxs

  • Towers

  • Dominos

  • Vertical Patterns

  • Horizontal Patterns

  • 3D Plans

  • 3D Objects

  • 3D structures

  • Roads and Tracks

  • Animals

  • Vehicles

Every Student of 

uses Coconut Boxs

  • Sheeta, Trivandrum

    We never thought my child would create this many designs. Within three months, he finished 400 designs. His imagination increases everyday

  • Shiva, Madurai

    Coconut Boxs changed my child's daily routine. Now everyday she makes at least 4 ideas. She takes responsibility for her plan that makes me happy

  • Kaviya, Chennai

    I used to buy other building blocks, but Coconut Boxs made my child play with it regularly. He made it a habit to plan and make different models and he is confident he will reach 1000 in three to four months

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